IZIpick in training

The increasing number of robots installed in Industry generates growing needs of trained personnel in robotic technologies, whether for line maintenance or

It is important for training organizations to be able to have totally secure robot cells in accordance with current regulations.

IZIpick on weight-price lines

In applications needing distribution labels, IZIpick offers a powerful solution for all depositing operations in associated containers.

Whether at the end of production lines, upstream from packaging machines, at the start or end of weight / price recovery, IZIpick easily performs depositing
and pick-up operations involving boxes / cases.

The solutions allow through their compactness to respect the workshop space (total width of equipment: 1m) while allowing to perform storage / destorage
in / from containers the size of ¼ pallet.


Mise en carton de boîtes grâce au robot IZIpick

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Machine tending

In the machine tending sector, IZIpick allows to provide an economic automated upgradable solution.

Associated with vision or small control equipment, IZIpick fulfils all packaging operations, quality monitoring and input onto your equipment.

Izipick preparing box packing batches

The use of robots for high speed box packing or depositing products in containers arriving by random inputs is often problematic in the case of large boxes
(especially in height).

To meet these demands, we offer a layer / row preparation solution based on an IZIpick Turbo cell. This unit performs picking at very high speeds of
products previously located by vision and can reach very high speeds because of the small distances. Speeds of up to 150 products per minute are possible
for the lighter products.

Downstream of this preparation cell, it then becomes easy to achieve box packing with an IZIpick packing cell, which while handling several products in each
cycle, will have no difficulty in achieving the high speed box packing rate.

IZIpick en préparation de couche

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