Izipick preparing box packing batches

The use of robots for high speed box packing or depositing products in containers arriving by random inputs is often problematic in the case of large boxes
(especially in height).

To meet these demands, we offer a layer / row preparation solution based on an IZIpick Turbo cell. This unit performs picking at very high speeds of
products previously located by vision and can reach very high speeds because of the small distances. Speeds of up to 150 products per minute are possible
for the lighter products.

Downstream of this preparation cell, it then becomes easy to achieve box packing with an IZIpick packing cell, which while handling several products in each
cycle, will have no difficulty in achieving the high speed box packing rate.

IZIpick en préparation de couche

The use of this type of solution has many advantages:

Reduced trajectories for unitary product management.
Preparation of grouping / complete layers is done by simple programming
Box packing is done at low speed and allows optimized trajectories to flaps, edges, ...
The solution fits all sizes of containers, up to 1/4 pallet cases for the IZIpick, and beyond with other equipment in our range.


A configuration with two IZIpick's as presented above only occupies 2 m x 1.2 m on the ground.


Tags: IZIpick, Vision, Encaissage