What are the vision capacities of IZIpick?

The IZIpick solutions can benefit from all of our vision solutions, for robot location-guide or quality control

To do this, different types of cameras can be used to best meet your needs. Nowadays, cameras offer a high level of performance to ensure an effective
quality control of your products, for example aspect control, filling, coding, etc.

We have a complete test laboratory in order to offer solutions validated through our PicPacView system.


Cellule de vision industrielle

IZIpick SR

If the agility required for the application is minimal, the relevance of the use of an industrial robots may be raised.

Our teams have developed a Cartesian solution based on the use of linear axes driven by servo motors.

IZIpick SR responds to such needs while maintaining the same design requirements than that of the entire offer.

IZIPick SR pour manipluations simples